Indoor activities

 Welcome to my new website! How un you’ve found here and I hope you can get
some tips and ideas. This page is translated by google translate. 

Quite often, Max and Kira are restless despite long walks. Perhaps you feel again?
You may also have dogs that often require mental stimulation? I think that all dogs
more or less need mental activation to feel good.

The positive thing is that there are so many things you can find at no cost. If you go
to a dog shop to buy toys, they often cost them a lot and do not always last for a
long time. Empty cartons, jars or bottles etc. can be perfect toys. All that is needed is
imagination. I try to save ice cans in different sizes, shoe boxes, etc. in a box where
I keep their toys.

One day I took an empty candy can and put in Max favorite ball. It became a perfect
indoor activity.


Max is thinking … .How should I get the ball?




Maybe you can bite it?


After very clever and fierce Max got out the balland left it to Kira who also loves balls.

Under tiden som Max kämpade med bollen fick Kira en annan tom burk. I botten smetade jag in mjukost och satte fast godisbitar på botten. På burkens kanter smetade jag också in mjukost. Kira hade sedan en rolig sysselsättning att få i sig mjukosten och klura ut hur hon skulle få loss godisbitarna. (Tyvärr fick jag inga bra bilder när Kira arbetade med burken.)


After a while they fell asleep! Satisfied after the activities.

Some more tips on activities:

  • Take an empty toasty roll and put in sweets. Then tape the edges and let the dog work to get the candy pieces
  • Take some empty shoots (three may be good to start with) and ask the dog to sit or lie down. Then go to the cartons and pretend to add sweets to everyone, but just put in one of them. Then ask the dog to search for candy. Praise and redo the exercise. As your dog gets better at looking for candy, you can increase the number of cartons.
  • You can also hide dog goddess under the couch, on benches and other clever places. Then just pick up the sweets.

Hope you got some fun tips!

Wishing you all a nice day!

Hug Erika