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My name is Erika Bengtsson, 36 years old, living a bit outside Halmstad. I love to hang out with my husband and my children. We often find things together
and our common interest is our wonderful dogs. Unfortunately,
two of our dogs have recently gone away. It feels like a big void and they will always
have a place in my heart.


 Our nice Jack Russel Jesper. He would fill ten years the day after he left.


 Ours loved Dobermann Lea. She only became 11 months old.

Even though I both miss both of them, it feels like Jesper had a long and happy life.
Lea, on the other hand, was pushed away too early due to of disease.
My tears still flow down my cheeks when I think about her and I have difficulty
accepting why she would be pulled away from us so early.

FB_IMG_1507634447938Here both of my angels rest here.

 On the little stone with the angel it says: A little angel came Log and change  These words have forever been stuck in my memory. Because it’s just as I know.
We had quite a little time with us and she was always so happy.

Max and Kira


received_1649467751837569Max 11 months and Kira 2 years is ready to run on the beach.

After Lea left in October 2017, our wonderful dog Max came to us. The world’s busseed and with a sparkling energy. With him, you are never boring. He is truly above all and nowhere. Three weeks ago he got his friend Kira. They are already completely saved and Max looks up to Kira and wants to be where she is.

Lek i rastgården


Feel free to follow me and my wonderful dogs in the blog.

Hug Erika


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