Lea – Alya Swedish Pride



Lea : Alya

Kennel:  Swedish Pride

Hemsida: http://swedishpridekennel.com/

Mother:  Princess von Nemesis

Father:    Guntur von Dockermann ( Odin)

Lea came to us when she was 8 weeks old. As we longed for waiting to get her. I remember when my husband and our eldest son came home with her. It was really love at first glance. Lea quickly became a dear family member and was with us everywhere. She loved people, especially children and everyone loved her.

I think all dog owners are afraid that something will happen to their gold climbers. There is so much that can happen. They may get sick, injured or accidentally injured. But many times it’s just a fear. But for us it happened that could not happen. Lea got sick and died already 11 months old. Today, our angel Lea is accompanied by his litter sister Adele, Jesper (our little dog) and his father Odin in heaven.







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