Max Ambusch Sawages

copy-received_1649469071837437.jpegMax  :      Ambusch Sawages

Född:        2107 – 05- 25

Mother: Viktorija Sawages

Father:    Gordon Royal

Kennel:     Ambusch Sawages

Max came to us when he was five months old. Just like when Lea came, I and my youngest son were waiting at home with excitement. I have never been so paff sometime. In the door came a curious little boy, totally unfaithful. The first thing he did was run down the stairs to the basement. He examined it quickly, then ran back and examine each room.

 Lea has always been afraid of walking in the stairs and for gates. But not Max!
He took the gates on his nose and lifted them so he came by. I can not get anything
on which he is afraid.

Max loves when things happen and being out in nature is one of the best he knows.
When my man wears his jumpwear, Max knows straight away that it’s time to run.
He sat down waiting in the hall and when it’s time to go, jump into the dog cages.

Because he is not the year right yet, they only run a little, move fast and jump again.




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